Our Services


We offer tailored services and highly professional approach. We guarantee absolute confidentiality of our clients. All our services are performed on the basis of licences granted under the amended Protection of persons and property act.

When dealing with debtors we always respect the law while acting vigorously and consistently in order to reach prompt settlement of your debt. We are able to handle claims at any stage of their recovery.

We offer our clients a wide range of individually customized services which ensure a healthy financial structure of your company - the recovery of claims, tracking payments and other services.

Debt collection

Immediately after the due date of your claim, we will start proceedings for recovery of your claim. After you provide us with necessary information on your case, we will contact the debtor. Within two days the debtor will receive from us a collection demand letter. If he fails to pay, we will take further steps to recover your debts. It may be a recovery through legal actions or execution on debtor's assets.

Protection of persons, V.I.P and premises

With the expertise in security and language skills of our bodyguards, our team can handle even the most demanding requirements of our clients. The security team is involved in the inspection of premises which a VIP person is planning to visit and provides technical support. We rely on an extensive team of qualified and experienced staff who meet with maximum efficiency all customers' demands. Our staff is specially trained for all kinds of challenges which a VIP person may encounter. We also provide private person and event guard services, professional security services of administrative, industrial and private premises.

Detective services

We provide surveillance and tapping people, detecting malicious software and other customized services according to clients' wishes. This service was based on market demand because of flourishing illegality, theft, fraud, etc., where the power of state institutions is limited, we get the matter under our control, we uncover any wrongdoing and find the right solution to prevent problems before they occur.