Glossary of Terms


Register of debtors

In the Czech Republic there are several registers of debtors used by different entities. The Register itself is an information system, which enables you to insert and search information on outstanding obligations of natural and legal persons.

Payment order

The court may decide in certain cases for summary proceedings and issue a payment order without an explicit request from the applicant and without hearing the defendant. In the payment order the court requires the debtor to pay the debt and costs within 15 days of receipt of the payment order or within 15 days file an appeal against the order.

Insolvency proceedings

Insolvency proceedings are judicial proceedings of the debtor's insolvency or imminent insolvency, and the way how to solve it. The debtor is insolvent if he/she has more lenders and is unable to fulfil financial commitments against them. In the event that the debtor has only one lender, it is not possible to apply insolvency law regardless of the amount owed.

Insolvency register

Insolvency register is a publicly accessible information system that includes extensive information on the insolvency proceedings and their outcome.


The creditor and the debtor may agree to transfer decision authority from the court onto the arbitrator.

Notarial record

The notarial record is a public document, in which a notary gives to a legal act participants´ declaration of will the appropriate legal form. A notary is obliged to instruct and explain the participants of the legal act the content and consequences of their declaration of will, which is stated in the record.

Executor’s record

The record is drafted by the executor, debtor and creditor. It is similar to the notarial record with the warrant of execution if the debtor agrees to settle the claim and consents to execution.