Information for debtors


Each debtor is inserted into the public database of debtors.

What shall I do if I do not have funds to repay my debt?

We are always able to find a solution for you. All you need is to contact us as soon as possible. We will advice you how to address your situation, one of the possibilities is preparing a debt repayment schedule.

How can I contact you?

The best way is to contact us by phone. Be prepared that we will ask you some questions to verify the identity of the caller, which is necessary for personal data protection. We need to make sure that we are actually speaking to the debtor.

Another option is to contact us by e-mail. This communication is easy and fast. Please, send your e-mails to

Why is it important to pay the due amount as soon as possible?

Payment of amounts due on the date specified in a collection demand letter can lead to significant financial savings, as costs of court collection often exceed the actual due amount. This is especially true for smaller claims, when the due amount is several thousand crowns.

What happens if I do not pay the due amount?

If the debtor fails to pay the amount due on the date specified in the collection demand letter, the creditor is forced to resort to judicial collection. This requires financial and time investment because the debt is continuously increasing due to the default interest and incurred legal costs.

When can creditors levy execution?

If the debtor fails to pay a debt after receiving a final judicial decision under which he/she is obliged to repay the debt, the creditor can levy execution against the debtor.