Information for creditors


Laws in the Czech Republic enable to claim reimbursement of incurred damage caused by non-payment of debts owed by the due date. Thus the debt will be increased by all these costs and enforced in full against the debtor.

Why should I entrust your company with the management of claims?

Savings in personnel and material costs associated with internal debt recovery.
The fees for external debt collection are clearly defined and according to the given criteria stable, and are fully tax deductible expenses.
Increased recovery of claims.
Significant reduction in the risk of forfeiture of claims.
Selecting the most appropriate way of extrajudicial or judicial collection with regard to the possible creation of tax deductible provisions for overdue claims.

What shall I do if I want to use your services?

Contact us by phone or email. Our employees are specialized experts in debt management.

How long is the time to recover / refund the claim?

If the payment is made on our account, our client will receive it immediately. The length of the claim recovery depends on the requirements and agreement with the client.

Why should I use your company’s services instead of engaging a lawyer?

In the case of uncontested claims, engaging a lawyer is too costly. We cooperate with external parties such as lawyers and executors and therefore we are able to offer you comprehensive services including legal services.